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F*sh Free


A ludicrously tasty alternative to fish, presenting our 100% plant based burgers in a crispy golden crumb. These are your fish-free burgers and you’re free to serve them your way.
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F*sh Free


100% plant based fingers in a crispy golden crumb, and because nobody went fishing to make these, there quite literally are plenty more fish in the sea. These are your fish-free fingers and you’re free to serve them your way.
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Bring some balance to your plate with our tasty fish-free products.

Easy-peasy to swap in and a scrumptious alternative to fish.

When it comes to making sustainable choices, we’ve all got a lot on our plate.

That’s why we’re on a mission, to make serving up a sustainable, fish-free meal as easy as (fish-free) pie.

Whether you’re flexitarian, vegan, or just plain hungry, our adaptable fish-free goodies are here to change up your everyday meals.

Stack them high with salad and sauces or serve them plain and simple. There’s only one rule when it comes to these delicious fishless morsels, and that’s to serve them your way.

We’re proud to be part of the Big Prawn Company, leading the conversation when it comes to sourcing sustainable seafood. One of the Big Prawn Co’s key commitments to sustainability is finding new ways to support the environment, and Free From the Sea is our way of doing exactly that. Inspired by the sea, it brings you all the great taste and quality of the Big Prawn Co, with no fishing involved. Plus, it gives you a fuss-free way to support sustainable eating without making any drastic changes, because we know everyone’s got enough on their plate without another thing to worry about.

The Big Prawn Company

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